GW Giving Day 2023

116% of 2,750 Donor goal
This campaign ended on April 05, 2023, but you can still make a gift to George Washington University by clicking here!


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An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $100

Bojana Jankovic photoBojana Jankovic matched $100

Emily Maltby photoEmily Maltby matched $100

Andrew Carlander photoAndrew Carlander matched $150

An Anonymous DonorCoach Reifert matched $200

Chelsea photoChelsea matched $200

An Anonymous DonorCynthia Figueroa matched $250

An Anonymous DonorAnn McMaster matched $250

An Anonymous DonorSamantha Dos Santos, BA ‘15 matched $500

An Anonymous DonorBrigadier General Clara Mae L. Adams-Ender matched $500

An Anonymous DonorSamantha Dos Santos matched $500

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $500

An Anonymous DonorHead Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Caputo and his wife Julie matched $500

An Anonymous DonorBenson, Colleen matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorJay Goff matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorDean Anuj Mehrotra matched $1,000

An Anonymous DonorLisa Dunn, BA ‘92, and Alvin Dunn matched $1,500

An Anonymous DonorCynthia G Pierre matched $1,500

An Anonymous DonorDemetra S. Nightingale, Ph.D. matched $2,000

An Anonymous DonorKelly Waldron matched $2,500

An Anonymous DonorBarbara Lee Bass MD matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorMichael Mattmiller, BBA '04, MS ‘04 matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorFirst-Time Donor Challenge matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorDr. Ann Yanagi, MD ‘85 matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorDr. Ambereen Sleemi, MD ‘96, MPH ‘00 matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorAn anonymous Mount Vernon College/Seminary matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorFred Brown, GMBA ‘66 matched $5,000

An Anonymous DonorJohn S. Jenkins Jr. ‘94 Law matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorDean Lynn Goldman matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorEd Phelps ‘68 Law matched $10,000

An Anonymous DonorLeibow, Wise and Khabie families matched $15,000

An Anonymous DonorBarry A. Shenkman matched $15,000

An Anonymous Donor3-Hour Scholarship Sprint matched $25,000

An Anonymous DonorPatrick Q. Sheridan, BFA '99 matched $30,000

An Anonymous DonorMaria Josefina Rodriguez with Vanguard Communications, Inc. for Comunicadores for the Future matched $30,000

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor matched $50,000

An Anonymous Donor500 for $50,000 Challenge matched $50,000

An Anonymous DonorThe CCAS Dean’s Council matched $50,000

An Anonymous DonorKarim Assef, GW parent and ESIA Board of Advisors member matched $50,000
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Meghan Bernstein photoMeghan Bernstein gave $25

An Anonymous DonorAn Anonymous Donor gave $25

An Anonymous DonorQUARDRICOS DRISKELL gave $50 because 1 donor made a gift in 1 day

An Anonymous DonorLee S Mann, PhD, JD gave $100

Richard Goldstein photoRichard Goldstein gave $250

Maley Hunt photoMaley Hunt gave $500

Richard Goldstein photoRichard Goldstein gave $500

Angela Rosati photoAngela Rosati gave $500

An Anonymous DonorBethann Kagan, GWSB ‘89 gave $500

An Anonymous DonorBethann Kagan, GWSB ‘89 gave $500

An Anonymous DonorCoach McCombs gave $500

An Anonymous DonorLisa Dunn, BA ‘92, and Alvin Dunn gave $1,000

An Anonymous DonorColleen Benson, BA ‘08 gave $1,000

An Anonymous DonorAngela Hatfield, P ‘25, and Charles Keiser, P ‘25 gave $1,000

An Anonymous DonorRaman Luthra, BBA ‘07 gave $1,000

An Anonymous DonorDr. Janet Southby and GWSPH Dean Emeritus Dr. Richard Southby gave $1,000

Anthony Lyons  photoAnthony Lyons gave $1,000

An Anonymous DonorLisa Dunn, BA ‘92, and Alvin Dunn gave $1,000

An Anonymous DonorMitchell Blaser, BBA ‘73 gave $1,500

An Anonymous DonorStudents for Students Challenge gave $2,500

An Anonymous DonorJames M. Tielsch, Ph.D. gave $10,000

An Anonymous DonorJordan Breslow, in memory of Donna Breslow, BBA ‘83 gave $25,000

An Anonymous DonorGWSB Jordan Breslow, in memory of Donna Breslow, BBA ‘83 gave $25,000

An Anonymous DonorGW Families Giving Challenge gave $30,000

An Anonymous DonorSheila Myers gave $40,000

An Anonymous DonorMichael Mattmiller, BBA '04, MS '04 gave $50,000

Your support on Giving Day expands scholarship opportunities and helps students open the door to their fullest potential. Your gift supports GW faculty and its cutting-edge research. The knowledge, talent, and accomplishments of our students and academia are amplified by your generosity. By supporting GW students this Giving Day, you help future generations of innovators, leaders, and creators.  

Make a gift this Giving Day. Change the world one GW student at a time.

How to become an advocate? 

Step 1: Sign Up - Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the screen or from the advocate tab. 

Step 2: Share - Once you’ve logged in, you can use the sharing buttons and links that appear next to the video and/or on the advocacy dashboard at the bottom of the page. - Share your link via social media, email, and/or text. Every share, click, and gift generated from your unique link automatically tracks your influence as an advocate. You can also set up a matching donation or a challenge gift.

Step 3: Share a Little More - Create a plea video (accessed on the advocacy dashboard) to tell your peers and friends about this campaign. 

GW Giving Day 2023: That's a Wrap!

GW Giving Day 2023 has concluded and it was a tremendous success. As a community, we surpassed the goal by over 400 donors! Thank you for making this day a victory for the Buff & Blue. 

I want to extend a special Thank You to our Giving Day Advocates. Our Advocates contacted friends and family, and posted on social media and secured 450 donations! Their hard work pushed us over the finish line.

Exciting things are happening at GW. Raise High!

-Daniel Burgner

171 days ago by Daniel Burgner
Giving Day Situation Room Update: Giving Day Wraps Soon

Don't miss out on GW Giving Day 2023. We only have until 3pm EDT to unlock the matches and challenges left. Make your gift for our students!


171 days ago by Casey Fish
Farthest from Foggy Challenge 📍

The Giving Day donor who lives the farthest from our Foggy Bottom campus will be matched by $1,000. Their gift of any size will be increased by $1,000 to the GW gift area of their choice. Make your gift now!

171 days ago by Zhenya Stein
GW Goes Global Challenge 🌍

The next 100 non-US donors will be matched by $50 per donation. For every donation, regardless of amount, $50 will be given to the GW Student Support Fund. Double your impact, make your gift now.

171 days ago by Zhenya Stein
Giving Day Situation Room

171 days ago by Casey Fish

Class Year Leaderboard - AlumniThis Class Year Leaderboard Reflects Giving from Alumni
Class Year LeaderboardDonorsRaised ($)
Class Year Leaderboard - Family MembersThis Class Year Leaderboard Reflects Giving from Family Members
Class Year LeaderboardDonorsRaised ($)
Class Year Leaderboard - StudentsThis Class Year Leaderboard Reflects Giving from Students
Class Year LeaderboardDonorsRaised ($)
See What GW Community is Supporting!Give to what you love! 💙
Area of SupportDonorsRaised ($)
Geological Sciences Program1$100
SMHS Reunion Class of 19810$0
Office of Diversity and Inclusion0$0
Kennedy Frontiers of Freedom Fund0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - Milken Institute School of Public Health0$0
Dept of Emergency Medicine0$0
Equal Justice Foundation Events0$0
Spirit Program0$0
Physics Dept1$100
GW Student Support Fund (Scholarships)262$161,057
Office of Interdisciplinary Medical Education (ISCOPE)0$0
GW Law Student Support Fund (Scholarships)3$700
English Dept3$333
Club Basketball1$5,000
International Services Office - Student Affairs0$0
Club Cricket0$0
GW Law Class of 2013 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 2005 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Entrepreneurship Club0$0
Libraries General Acquisitions Fund0$0
Government Contract Program0$0
Dept of Neurological Surgery0$0
Dept of Surgery1$1,000
Club Volleyball Men1$500
Club Lacrosse Men0$0
PISA - Sigur Center for Asian Studies0$0
Department of Health Policy in the Milken Institute School of Public Health0$0
Dept of Anatomy & Regenerative Biology0$0
Ramaker Graduate Scholars in Chemistry0$0
Club Aikido0$0
Club Taekwondo0$0
GW University Singers1$25
Biological Sciences Dept0$0
Forbidden Planet Productions1$15
Dean Dinwoodey Fund (Intellectual Property)0$0
Physician Assistant Scholarship Fund7$310
BANAA Gift Fund0$0
Dorn McGrath Geography Dept Fund5$1,200
Lucea Global Experiential Fund4$195
Women's Volleyball22$3,183
Schl of Med & Health Sciences Annual Fun21$5,080
GW Law Class of 2014 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
GW School of Engineering & Applied Science - Other5$41,060
Milken Institute School of Public Health Annual Fund41$14,093
Lambert Graduate Stipend in the Arts & Sciences8$265
Men's Water polo12$961
SMHS Student Support Fund (Scholarships)70$18,993
Leah Brock McCartney Project17$1,760
Student Organizations20$645
Public Service Grant Commission0$0
Men's Basketball46$17,293
GSPM Dean's Fund16$3,585
Corcoran School of Arts & Design46$37,001
CPS Student Support Fund (Scholarships)19$2,685
Men's Baseball92$9,181
Women's Basketball46$3,172
School of Nursing Student Support Fund (Scholarships)65$4,478
School of Nursing Annual Fund14$858
O'Dwyer Endowment for Student Loan Forgiveness4$140
GW Columbian College Endowed Scholarship44$71,561
Women's Swimming & Diving57$6,831
SPH Student Support Fund (Scholarships)58$7,447
President's Fund for Excellence28$2,237
GW Pitches0$0
Prevention and Community Health E & R0$0
GW School of Business - Other10$54,520
Human Services Program2$255
Yellow Ribbon Scholarship0$0
GSEHD Annual Support19$1,115
Men's Track/Cross Country70$2,013
GW Columbian College of Arts & Sciences - Other14$41,600
WRGW District Radio12$285
Buff & Blue Fund42$14,605
GSEHD Student Support Fund (Scholarships)40$4,336
Horton-Vlach Fund for American Studies1$100
Gnehm Fellowship for Middle East Studies14$8,520
ESIA Dean's Annual Support Fund66$64,105
GW Cancer Center Fund15$440
Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis (CREUA)18$26,475
The Store/ GW's Food Pantry26$1,605
Department of Global Health0$0
Women's Leadership Program18$1,502
GW Law Class of 2007 Endowed Fund0$0
GW Cares Student Assistance Fund18$815
Multicultural Student Services Center33$910
Rodham Institute0$0
Discovery Fund - Neurosurgery0$0
Student Athlete Scholarship Fund22$1,220
Women's Soccer40$6,356
Titus Prize Fund0$0
Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute47$17,710
Elliott School Strategic Initiatives Fund0$0
Law School Dean's Fund69$21,186
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship0$0
Discovery Fund - Division of Kidney Disease and Hypertension0$0
National Security, Cybersecurity, and Foreign Relations Law Program10$10,836
Jack Friedenthal Scholarship Fund0$0
SMHS Reunion Class of 19710$0
Military & Veterans Student Services7$1,140
ELP Founders' Research Scholarship0$0
Women's Softball47$6,630
Political Science Dept3$350
Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence3$1,005
Statistics Dept1$500
SEAS Annual Support36$13,158
STAR Fund: GW Libraries0$0
Multicultural Student Services Center Alumni Book Stipend0$0
GW Law Class of 1966 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Women's Rowing60$4,824
International Women of Elliott (I/WE)34$2,478
Women's Track/Cross Country32$1,104
Museum Studies Program1$100
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration (Catalyst Fund)37$10,280
Men's Swimming & Diving41$4,010
Va. Science & Technology Campus Library0$0
Dept of Obstetrics & Gynecology0$0
Sigur Center for Asian Studies1$100
GW PA White Coat Initiative3$320
Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies1$150
GW Elliott School of International Affairs - Other5$60,465
F. David Fowler Career Center Fund0$0
GW in Africa0$0
Ed Gainor Memorial Scholarship Fund1$100
GW Law Class of 1998 Scholarship Fund0$0
Museum Membership9$670
Student Association0$0
Deloitte Fund for Career Excellence (GWSB)0$0
GW Heart and Vascular Institute0$0
GW Law Class of 1993 Scholarship Fund0$0
Online Education and Academic Fund0$0
School of Business Student Support Fund (Scholarships)110$13,570
Men's Tennis0$0
EK Gubin Fund0$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 20120$0
Office of Community Service0$0
GW Law Class of 1996 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
The Char Beales Fund for Media and Public Affairs0$0
Police Science Program0$0
Robert J. Neviaser, M.D., Fund For Excellence0$0
Lambda 1L Annual Networking Reception Fund0$0
Environmental Resource Policy Sciences0$0
GW Law Class of 2010 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Club Triathlon0$0
Young-Key Kim-Renaud Fund0$0
Lemonade Day Fund0$0
GW Language Center0$0
School of Medicine and Health Sciences Fund for Dean's Initiatives1$50
John S. Jenkins Scholarship Fund4$11,200
GW Law Classes of 2020 and 2021 Student Assistance Fund0$0
GW ESports1$5
Accounting Department0$0
Marquardt 100 Research Fellowship0$0
Equestrian Club0$0
Dept of Pharmacology & Physiology0$0
GW Law Class of 2002 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Religion Dept0$0
GW Law Class of 2012 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Rheumatology Research Fund0$0
Varasteh Endowed Scholarship0$0
GW Cancer Institute MCM pledge0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - Corcoran0$0
Mervyn L. Elgart, M.D. Dermatology Fund0$0
IERES Johnson's Russia List (JRL)0$0
Ctr for Social Well-Being & Development0$0
REFA Mentorship Program0$0
Documentary Center0$0
Other (enter gift designee in comments)0$0
SMHS Class of 2000 Scholarship Fund0$0
I. Edward Kiev Judaica Collection0$0
Mullan Legacy Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1977 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Epidemiology & Biostatistics Student Research Award0$0
Discovery Fund0$0
Business & Finance Law Program0$0
Thomas Buergenthal Scholarship Fund0$0
Nursing International Programs0$0
Upward Bound Program0$0
GWSB Graduate Student Support Fund (Scholarships)0$0
Physical Therapy Program0$0
College Democrats Fund0$0
Music Dept0$0
Students for Justice in Palestine1$5
Elliott Equity Fund36$6,860
Governor's Health Sciences Academy0$0
Space Policy Institute (SPI)0$0
East Asian Languages & Literatures0$0
Dept of Medicine0$0
GW Institute for Korean Studies0$0
Club Volleyball Women0$0
Club Ultimate Frisbee Women0$0
Computational Biology Initiative0$0
Club Baseball0$0
Capital Connection Fund0$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19820$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19940$0
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF)- SMHS0$0
National Society of Black Engineering0$0
Dept of Microbiology, Immunology & Tropical Medicine0$0
International Science and Technology Policy Program0$0
Coalition for Government Procurement Fund0$0
Arts Initiative0$0
GW Law Class of 1972 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Dr. Stuart M. Fidler Memorial Lecture Fund0$0
SMHS Reunion Class of 19760$0
Roger N. Boyd Fund0$0
IERES - Central Asia Program1$50
Camp Kesem0$0
GW Law Class of 1961 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
COVID-19 Response Fund0$0
Speech & Hearing Clinic0$0
Continuing Education in the Health Professions0$0
SMHS Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund0$0
Dept of Neurology0$0
Stekler Research Program on Forecasting0$0
American Studies Department Alumni Fund0$0
Voice Gospel Choir0$0
SMHS Reunion Class of 20010$0
Medical Center Suspense Fund0$0
Public Interest/Public Service Law Fund0$0
Law School Public Interest0$0
IBT Labor History Research Center0$0
School of Nursing Dean's Initiatives1$5
GW Law Class of 1983 Scholarship Fund0$0
Building Fund: Milken Institute School of Public Health0$0
GW Law Class of 1992 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
GW School of Nursing - Other4$2,136
Club Polo0$0
Club Kendo0$0
Theatre and Dance Dept1$25
Regulatory Studies Center7$20,375
GW Athletics - Other7$325
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19970$0
Sociology Dept2$125
Club Lacrosse Women3$605
GW HIV/AIDS Institute0$0
Friedlander, Jr., Schlr in Entrep0$0
Salaman, M.D. Award in Anesthesiology0$0
Global Women's Institute0$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 20020$0
Club Soccer Women6$140
College Republicans Fund0$0
Order of the Hippo0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Intern Fund - SEAS0$0
GW Law Class of 1970 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1989 Scholarship Fund0$0
SEAS National Society of Black Engineers1$5
Law Class of 1969 Endowed Scholarship0$0
GW Cold War Group (GWCW)0$0
Knapp Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 2019 Scholarship Fund0$0
Science & Engineering Hall High50$0
Manheim-Sterling Undergraduate Research Fund0$0
John P. Adams Professorship Fund0$0
Maj. Ricardo A. Crocker USMC Memorial Award0$0
C-LEAF - Center for Law, Economics and Finance0$0
SMHS Class of 1990 Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1988 Endowed Scholarship Fund1$100
Frank N. Miller, M.D. Distinguished Teaching Professorship0$0
GW Law Class of 1975 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
GWSB Annual Support2$33
Healing Clinic1$20
History Dept1$50
Neighbors Project0$0
Research at GW4$850
The Textile Museum4$270
Speech Language Pathology Graduate Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1997 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Organization of Latino American Students0$0
National Churchill Library and Center Programming Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1962 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Philosophy Dept0$0
GW Resiliency & Well-being Center Fund0$0
Sustainability Collaborative0$0
Gregory E. Maggs Law Scholarship Fund1$500
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - CCAS1$20
Women's Squash - Club0$0
Mathematics Dept0$0
Study Abroad Program2$15
GW Law Class of 1976 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Office of Advocacy & Support Survivor Fund0$0
LGBTQIA+ Resource Center1$25
Discovery Fund - Surgery0$0
Lindsey Ferris Memorial PAF Scholarship0$0
GW Law Class of 1990 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
SMHS Class of 2010 Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1981 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1971 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Patricia Roberts Harris Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Judaic Studies Program0$0
Club Golf0$0
Energy Law and Policy0$0
University Writing Program1$50
GW Hillel186$36,527
GW Law Class of 2011 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Planet Forward Fund2$125
Simon and Anna Lee Korea University Fund2$1,100
PAF Professional Development Fund0$0
GW Mock Trial0$0
Robert I. Keimowitz, M.D. Scholarship Fund0$0
Economics Alumni Endowed Scholarship0$0
Native American Political Leadership (NAPLP)0$0
Undergraduate Research & Fellowships0$0
Global Gender Program0$0
Leona Libby Feldman Adopt-a-Doc Scholarship0$0
MBA Association Business Gives Back0$0
Leroy Charles Scholarship Fund1$1,000
Clinical Research Administration Fund0$0
Veterans Services Office1$25
GW Black Student Union2$150
GW Law Class of 1959 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1995 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Steven Smith Memorial Fund0$0
Jacob Burns Law Library Fund1$10,000
Institute for Corporate Responsibility1$100
Johnny Hargrove Memorial Law Firm Management Scholarship-CPS0$0
Institute for Biomedical Sciences0$0
Tourism Program Devt Fund: Tourism Innovation Lab0$0
GW Law Class of 2018 Scholarship0$0
Stethoscopes for Uganda Fund0$0
Sports Philanthropy0$0
GW Law Class of 1987 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Philip and Sara Davis Endowed Scholarship in Government Procurement0$0
Solar Decathlon Team GW0$0
Latin American Studies0$0
Club Men's Rugby1$100
Mobile Mammography0$0
Dept of Biochemistry0$0
SMHS Reunion Class of 19910$0
Reagan Institute for Emergency Medicine0$0
Residence Hall Association0$0
Global Resources Center (GW Libraries)0$0
Club Cross Country0$0
Club Softball1$50
Hillel Building Fund0$0
Elliott School Dean's Scholars0$0
LGBT Health Policy and Practice Program0$0
Program on Extremism1$100
Environmental and Energy Futures Fund0$0
Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy Research0$0
GW Law Class of 2001 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Digital Trade and Data Governance Hub0$0
Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences0$0
The Sigelman Fund for Political Science0$0
Exercise Science Programs1$5
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - GWSB0$0
Student Orgs1$100
Women's Lacrosse123$21,932
Capital Funk0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - SON0$0
Club Cycling0$0
GW Law Class of 1965 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19770$0
Elliott School LEAP Initiative0$0
School of Business Dean's Fund85$36,551
Speech & Hearing Sciences Dept1$5
Humphreys Complex Litigation Center0$0
NCAI/Hobbs Scholarship for Native American Students0$0
Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery0$0
Law School Military Law Society Fund0$0
The William C. Handorf MBA Scholarship0$0
Students for Recovery1$25
The Jamie Grodsky Prize for Environmental Law Scholarship Fund0$0
GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences - Other5$5,296
Sag Harbor Gift Fund0$0
SOTE Scholarship Fund (Society of the Emeriti)0$0
CCAS Annual Support5$1,365
Dean Blake D. Morant Scholarship Fund0$0
Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center1$500
CPS Annual Fund5$215
American Studies Dept2$125
Libraries and Academic Innovation Dean's Fund1$25
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - ESIA0$0
GWLAI Innovation and Technology Fund0$0
Clinical Learning Simulation and Skill Center0$0
ADR, Moot Court, Mock Trial Competition Fund0$0
GW Vibes0$0
University Archives0$0
GW Catholics/Newman Center0$0
GW Veterans Student Org0$0
MHA Student Support Fund (Scholarships)25$9,055
Food Justice Alliance1$5
Trachtenberg School Student Support Fund (Scholarships)6$345
The Jeanette Michael Memorial Scholarship9$1,280
Michael E. Brown Faculty Research Fund4$1,675
Club Weightlifting - Strength and Conditioning0$0
GW Law Class of 1968 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Diversity and Inclusion Initiative1$25
Romance, German, Slavic Languages & Literatures0$0
Special Collections0$0
Men's Ice Hockey Club35$2,435
Public Health Rapid Response Fund0$0
Dean's Scholars in Shakespeare0$0
Club Swimming8$130
GW Graduate School of Political Management - Other1$10
GW Law Class of 1991 Endowed Scholarship Fund1$500
Nursing Technology & SIM Lab Fund0$0
GW Law Class of 1980 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Benno Fritz Memorial Fund at the Music Department0$0
GW Investment Institute 35$35,065
GWSB MBA Program1$125
Dean's Fund: Milken Institute School of Public Health6$20,040
Counseling Human & Organizational Studies0$0
Young Black Prof. in Int'l Affairs0$0
GW Health eLeaders Association1$50
Lowe, MD'83 & Haslup, MD'50 Endowment0$0
Club Women's Rugby3$250
Larsen, Jr. Ob/Gyn Education Fund0$0
Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis1$6,000
Koering Award Fund0$0
Philippine Cultural Society1$5
National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)0$0
GW Law Class of 2006 Scholarship Fund0$0
International Affairs Society2$365
The Larry D. Harris Memorial Law Endowed Scholarship0$0
SMPA Career Access Network2$650
Cornelius Bennhold Fellowship0$0
Newcomer Scholarship for Social Equity4$2,250
Club Fencing2$105
14th Grade Players0$0
Organizational Sciences & Communication Dept0$0
Mount Vernon Seminary Gate Project0$0
No Lost Generation GW1$10
Security Policy Studies Program1$100
Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship6$730
Mount Vernon Archives Fund0$0
SUMMIT Outdoors Challenge Course0$0
GW Law Class of 1973 Endowed Chair0$0
SMHS Class of 1980 Scholarship Fund0$0
VALOR Advisory Board Scholarship0$0
Women's Ice Hockey Club6$210
Southeast Asian Society0$0
GW Law Class of 2000 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Ambassador Reuben E. Brigety II Fund0$0
Tax Law Program0$0
GW Hatchet General Fund2$55
International Development Studies0$0
Cohen Research Award0$0
GW Students 4 Sustainability0$0
1999 Law Reunion Class Gift for Scholarships0$0
Delta Phi Epsilon1$25
GW College of Professional Studies - Other0$0
Capstone Research Support - ESIA1$25
GW Law Class of 1986 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Women's Athletic Programs0$0
National Family Violence Law Ctr Fund1$10
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - SMPA0$0
Mount Vernon Student Support Fund (Scholarships)0$0
GW Law Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Club Racquetball0$0
SMHS Class of 1995 Scholarship Fund0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - LAW0$0
First Gen United0$0
Capitol Advertising0$0
Ideal Resident Fund in Radiology0$0
Engineer Alumni Association Scholarship0$0
Program Board Fund1$10
GW Trails3$460
Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication0$0
Physical Therapy White Coat2$60
GWLAI Research Opportunities Fund0$0
Black Law Students Association13$465
GWLAI Teaching and Learning Fund0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Services Internship Fund (KACIF)4$575
Women's Gymnastics45$29,468
Anthropology Dept4$135
Dmitry Karshtedt Scholarship Fund5$330
Latino Law Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund8$1,400
Ron Howard Student Assistance Fund1$50
Center for Women in Engineering48$3,281
GW Law - Other5$1,675
Professor Dunn Memorial Endowment Fund0$0
Taylor MD '96 Dedication Fund0$0
GW Milken Institute School of Public Health - Other4$5,550
Gelman Library9$535
ESIA Student Support Fund (Scholarships)2$25
Club Tennis1$40
Medical White Coat Initiative1$500
Sons of Pitches1$100
Club Ultimate Frisbee Men1$100
Cherry Tree0$0
Women's Tennis24$2,190
Special Education and Disability Studies0$0
Discovery Fund for Breast Care Center2$1,050
Health Sciences Scholarship Fund10$1,545
Student Life - Other27$3,998
Dept of Radiology0$0
Club JKA Karate0$0
Ted Turner Professorship of Environmental Media4$85
GW Law Class of 1985 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Institute for Security and Conflict Studies0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - GSPM1$200
GWSB Student Support Fund (Scholarships)2$250
CCAS Student Support Fund (Scholarships)183$12,362
Multicultural Student Service Center Pantry0$0
Chemistry Dept2$270
Economics Dept3$1,350
Psychology Dept2$10
Discovery Fund - Emergency Medicine0$0
Institute for Middle East Studies0$0
GW Law Class of 2016 Scholarship Fund1$25
Dr. Benno P. Fritz Spirit Award Fund0$0
GW Ahimsa0$0
Jerry M. Wiener Endowed Fund for Psychiatric Education0$0
SEAS Student Support Fund (Scholarships)106$6,463
Residence Hall Fund0$0
SEAS Dean's Fund (RN006)8$10,276
Men's Rowing (Crew) - Club7$685
Corcoran Fine Arts Faculty Fund0$0
The Nate Garner Fund0$0
College Next Door0$0
The James Harris Hansell Memorial Fund0$0
SMHS Class of 1970 Scholarship Fund0$0
GWU Debate & Literary Society of the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences0$0
Dance Affiliates0$0
Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund3$175
Club Field Hockey0$0
GW Law Class of 2009 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
SMHS Class of 1985 - Alumni Legacy for Physician Wellness0$0
Colonial Brass1$250
SMHS Reunion Class of 19960$0
Katzen Cancer Research Center0$0
GW Women in Business0$0
Men's Soccer19$1,865
GW Law Class of 1973 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Online Military Learning Initiative0$0
Office of Student Opportunities0$0
Elliott School Africa Initiatives0$0
GW Law Class of 1978 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Student Theatre Council0$0
Burg Government Procurement Law Scholarship Fund0$0
Master of International Policy and Practice0$0
Navdeep Kang Memorial Scholarship Fund0$0
Men's Squash - Club0$0
Water Polo - Women's0$0
New Venture Competition 0$0
Club Soccer Men0$0
Posse Foundation - Enrollment Management0$0
School of Medicine Class of 1979 Scholarship0$0
The Capitol Archaeological Institute0$0
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program0$0
GW Law Class of 1960 Reunion Scholarship Fund0$0
Office of Sustainability1$5
Forensic Sciences Dept0$0
GW Graduate School of Education & Human Development - Other1$100
Adopt-a-Doc Program Scholarship Fund0$0
Fine Arts & Art History0$0
SMHS Reunion Class of 19860$0
Club Sports0$0
International Trade & Investment Policy Program Internship Fund0$0
Club Water Polo0$0
Nash-Cibinic Professorship in Government Procurement Law0$0
Thurston Hall Renovation Fund2$1,050
GW Law Class of 2017 Scholarship Fund0$0
Medical House Call Program0$0
Intellectual Property and Technology Law Fund0$0
School of Media and Public Affairs5$810
Futrell Scholarship Fund0$0
Shanahan Journalism Internship Fund0$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19720$0
Health Services Management & Leadership0$0
Dept of Pathology0$0
Environmental Occupational Health (EOH) Education and Research Fund0$0
Club Recreational Sports and Fitness Services0$0
GW Balance0$0
SMHS Reunion Class of 20110$0
GW Law Class of 2015 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Student Affairs0$0
GW Law Class of 2008 Endowed Scholarship0$0
Corcoran Student Support Fund (Scholarships)1$5
Art Therapy Program0$0
Dept of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine0$0
Club Table Tennis0$0
Epilepsy Center0$0
Dept of Urology0$0
GW Law Class of 2003 Scholarship Fund0$0
Rodney L. Johnson Parents Helping Parents Fund0$0
Dept of Ophthalmology0$0
Institute for Spirituality & Health (GWish)0$0
Time to End HIV0$0
Health Sciences Programs0$0
GW Law Class of 1967 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
The GW Ron & Joy Paul Kidney Center1$100
Weston Memorial Scholarship0$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19920$0
Elliott School Graduate Fellowships0$0
Beyond Flexner Alliance0$0
GWBAA Regional Scholarship0$0
Landscape Design Department0$0
Muslim Students Association0$0
Law Class of 2009 Scholarship Fund0$0
Office of Entrepreneurship0$0
Dept of Dermatology0$0
Greek Life Fund0$0
First Generation Student Programs0$0
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19650$0
Club Intramural Sports0$0
GW Law Class of 1982 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
LAW Class of 1964 Reunion Class Gift0$0
Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project Fund0$0
Tschudi Memorial Award0$0
GWBAA Diversity Scholarship0$0
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) - GSEHD0$0
Murray J. Schooner Government Procurement Law Endowed Scholarship1$100
SMHS Reunion - Class of 19870$0
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